BAMCO Energy

New Business Branding Bundle

BAMCO Energy provides the highest grade of electrical and airconditioning services throughout Perth to both the residential and commercial sectors.
A44 packaged a handful of our design services into a cost-effective business start-up bundle, featuring our new $900 One Day Website Promotion. The entire solution included logo design, vehicle signage design, email configuration, email signature design, business card design and printing, and a fresh new website too – all of this delivered to the client in under a week for approximately $1400.

The project

A44 has worked closely with Matthew for many years creating digital content for a handful of creative projects. This time around he was looking for an all-in-one design package for BAMCO Energy, his new electrical company.

In our first meeting, we discussed the plans they had for the business and where they were heading in the online space. Their team had intentions of building a website and establishing their digital footprint in the future once they started to bring in work. We hear this quite often, typically this is either because the content creation/copywriting is too time-consuming or a new website is simply out of budget. We see a very high percentage of these businesses finding themselves too busy to revisit the website, leaving their business without an online presence. This is why we created an entry-level website package for new businesses to get up and running quickly before they start bringing in work. This One-Day Website package is delivered in 24 hours for only $900. This was exactly what the BAMCO team were looking for.

The original scope for this project included only graphic design until we discussed their goals and budget within our first meeting. The team was impressed to discover that we could provide everything they were after now and in the future all completed in-house. We packaged a handful of our design services into a cost-effective business start-up bundle that fit within their branding budget, this included; logo design, web design, vehicle signage design, email configuration, email signature design, business card design and printing.

We compiled all of the branding files into a logo pack featuring many different colour and size variations for different use cases, making it easier for the client to set up social media or print in the future. All of this was delivered to the client within a week, for under $1400!

The outcome

As previously stated, this entire solution was started and completed within only 1 week of our first meeting. So that they could start finding clients and creating relationships, we registered their domain name and configured their email in the meeting – completely ready to use. Our team started with the branding immediately after, we collated design inspiration and logo examples so that we could better understand the visual style that Matthew and Brodie had in mind for BAMCO. From that, we worked through a handful of rough concepts before we landed on the final design. We left the concept with the boys for a few days while we got to work on the vehicle signage and business cards.

Now that the brand had a consistent visual style, we began work on the website. We designed 3 pages; Home, About, and Contact. Once we had the layout locked in, we created a content outline for Matthew and Brodie so that they knew exactly what to write and how much.

Within only a few days after launch, the website had already begun generating leads and landed the team a job. Their business is now fully operational online and ready to start bringing in new work.

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