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Perth's Premier Blindmaker Since 1987

Accent Blinds are a family-owned and operated business since 1987. They service builders, wholesale customers, and retail customers out of their Joondalup warehouse.
A44 designed and developed a new and affordable solution to replace Accent Blind’s existing and outdated website. We also assisted in the recovery of their domain which had been transferred out of their account into another registrar.

The project

Our first challenge for this project was to recover the client’s lost domain! The domain’s registration had lapsed and auto-renewal was disabled (this may be a good reminder to go check your domains now), another registrar decided to re-register it and invoice Accent Blinds yearly at a highly inflated price. A44 were able to gain access to this mystery registrar and transfer it out and into a trusted registrar. Phew! We also created new email accounts with their domain name (previously using a Bigpond address), which integrated like Lego with their new website.

Once this little hiccup was dealt with, we were able to work collaboratively with the Accent team to design a new look for the website. We used previously shot marketing material to populate the website, making this process flow very smoothly. A primary focus for this website was to rank higher on Google than competitors, namely Accent Blinds which operates out of the East coast of Australia. Page speed and optimisation were important to achieve this, alongside a few little SEO tricks, we were very confident in ranking 1st. Later down the road, we will revisit this website to keep it looking fresh and to also add E-Commerce functionality – giving customers the ability to purchase products online, offering local pickup or delivery.

The outcome

Rob and Louise were both very happy with the look and feel of the new website. We were able to successfully recover their domain name and half their yearly cost in renewals, while also almost halving their hosting costs too. They now own email addresses for each team member and have the ability to create more whenever needed, this looks much better than their old @bigpond email address (all mail that arrives here is instantly forwarded to their new inbox).

From an SEO and Google point of view, the website is performing excellently. Within a week from the website’s launch, we had already started to rank higher than Accent Blinds on the east coast (which was a cause of confusion for many customers). The website averages approximately 10,000 monthly impressions as of December 2021!

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